Case Studies


Cyber threat mitigation and security enhancement are imperative in today's digital landscape, and Suntel Analytics' case studies underscore this critical need. The scenarios presented exemplify the diverse and evolving nature of cyber threats, emphasizing the necessity for proactive measures. These cases underscore the overarching importance of cyber threat mitigation as an integral part of organizational resilience, urging businesses to prioritize investments in advanced technologies, employee training, and stringent protocols to thwart cyber threats. Suntel Analytics' insightful studies underscore the multi-faceted nature of cyber threats and the imperative for proactive, adaptive, and comprehensive cybersecurity strategies. They prompt organizations to reassess their security frameworks, adopt a proactive stance, and invest in cutting-edge technologies and expertise to counter the ever-evolving cyber threats in today's interconnected digital ecosystem.

Case 2

A Complete Security Analysis On A Sporting Event

An insightful look on how an organizing committee hired Suntel Analytics to do a complete risk assessment
Case 3

Real World Conflicts Disrupting Manufacturing

A manufacturer’s facility in a real world military conflict is concerned over cyber threats. Suntel Analytics comes in with security enhancements and monitoring solutions
Case 4

Phishing Attacks In The Financial Sector

Facing an eminent phishing attack to their high net worth clients, this financial service firm hired Suntel Analytics to identify and neutralize these attacks before they reached their end users. 
Case 1

Protecting A Multi Location Sport Broadcast

Suntel Analytics was hired to perform a thorough risk assessment and identified vulnerabilities in the client’s scoring and broadcasting systems. Suntel Analytics provided strategic guidance to great success.